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ClickTrackProfit is a marketing hub network as well as a learning tool.  If you are new to the traffic exchange industry or if you are a veteran, you will find ClickTrackProfit to be a handy tool for you.


You can always learn more about the traffic exchange industry, and ClickTrackProfit, or CTP for short accomplishes that by offering a hub to meet other marketers in the industry as well as offer step by step videos to learn about the industry.


Not only is it a hub and a learning tool, it is also a place for fun.  CTP has gamefied the traffic exchange industry by offering collectable surfing badges as well as game promos that traffic exchanges can host for their members.  These promos are:

  • Submarine Adventure
  • Vault & Key
  • CTP Teams


The Submarine Adventure is a game that you can play to earn CTP XP & Cash Prizes.  To play this game you must collect all four of the bombs to fill in the game card.  Once the game card is filled in you will get to play for prizes.  To collect the bombs, you must surf at the traffic exchanges that are hosting the bombs.  Four traffic exchanges host the bombs, one at each site, and to collect them, it is the same as collecting badges while you surf.  When you collect a bomb, it will automatically be applied to the Submarine Adventure card.  Once you get all four, it will let you play for prizes!  Click Here to see what traffic exchanges are hosting bombs!


Vault & Key is a game that you can play to earn CTP XP, very good source for XP.  To play this game you must collect the 2 keys for the vault you are trying to open.  There are 2 vaults:

  • Gold Vault
  • Silver Vault

Each vault has 2 keys. the Gold Vault has:

  • Pink Key
  • Green Key

and the Silver Vault has:

  • Red Key
  • Blue Key

Traffic Exchanges host each key, so to collect the keys you must surf at the hosting traffic exchanges.  You do not need to collect both sets of keys to unlock the vaults, you only need to collect the set of keys for the vault you are trying to open.  Click Here to see what traffic exchanges are hosting keys!


CTP Teams is a team competition.  To play you must be part of a team and the competition is for cash prizes split between the team.  How you win the competition with your team is to gather xp, the team with the most at the end of the playoff season will win cash prizes for the team!


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