Cash Surfing Network’s CSN City

Play CSN City todayCSN City is a game within the Cash Surfing Network that you play to generate traffic.  The object of this game is to build your city, find citizens and earn the in game currency called CSN City Bucks.  While building your city you will also encounter disasters, they destroy your progress you have made to your city.  There is also a good community with CSN City, full of friendly players to socialize with.





Watch the videos below to learn how to setup and play CSN City!


Video 1 – Setup

Learn how to setup CSN City

Click Here to go to Cash Surfing Network

Video 2 – Traffic Browser Setup

Learn how to download and setup Traffic Browser for CSN City

Click Here to sign up for and download Traffic Browser

Video 3 – CSN City Gameplay

Learn how to play CSN City

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  • Ellyn Weber-Bynum

    Hi Travis,
    I just came across your site today (from a banner on VTG) and it looks great AND is informative! And I’ve gotta tell ya…you’re the only one I’ve seen who has thoroughly explained CSN City! I’ve been a long-time member of CSN and I still didn’t really understand it! Thanks! 🙂

    • Travis Chandler

      Hi Ellyn,

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for telling me where you found my site and welcome. That is great you found it informative.

      Sorry to hear you don’t understand how CSN City works. I am trying my best to explain it here. What is it about CSN City that is confusing you, I will help you out as much as I can.

      Please feel free to contact me or if you have WowApp to connect with me. On the sidebar there is a button for WowApp and there is a button that takes you to my Contact page

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