Here is the group I made in Traffic Browser for CSN City:

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Those 7 traffic exchanges participate in CSN City.  I use this group when I play CSN City.


By surfing at Legacy Hits, Social Ad Surf, Ninja Surf and TE Racing League at once, you will be able to earn the Mega Boost surf bonus.  To activate Mega Boost you must insert your affiliate IDs of each site at each site in your profile at each site.


You can also earn another surf bonus.  You can earn the Goettman Power Surf surf bonus.  This bonus requires you to surf at TopHits4U, Power Cash Stream, Lobby Hits and Lords of Lothar at once.  Lords of Lothar does not participate in CSN City but it is required to activate Goettman Power Surf.


To activate the Goettman Power Surf surf bonus you click on the battery icon on the footer of the surf at each of the four sites.  There you will be prompted to add your affiliate IDs.  Do that at all 4 sites to activate this surf bonus.

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Travis Chandler

I am 29 years old and I am a gamer.

When I surf traffic exchanges I want to have fun doing it. That is why I created The TE Gamer, to share the fun of the gaming side of traffic exchanges
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