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Legacy’s Gold is a game offered by Legacy Result.  It is a currency type of game where you collect game pieces to earn the in game currency(gold).


You can redeem your collected gold for advertising deals all around the different Legacy sites(Must complete step 2 in the Legacy Command Center at Legacy Result to make available).



There Are 2 Games To Play To Collect Gold



Legacy's Gold Rules




  • Game 1 pieces can be found at LegacyHits, TrafficPharaoh, and a partnering exchange. Surf 43 pages at each site to collect all 3 and claim your gold!
  • Game 2 is played at multiple partner sites each day. You can see a list of our partners for the day below. Surf 31 pages to earn a piece of the puzzle!  Some of the pieces are exclusive to each of the participating traffic exchanges, surf all 4 to collect all the pieces!



Click Here for the schedule of Traffic Exchanges for Legacy’s Gold


Remember you MUST be a member of Legacy Result to play the game & you MUST complete step 2 in the Legacy Command Center section of Legacy Result to make the advertising deals available to you.


Need to join Legacy Result


Click Here to join Legacy Result

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