Lords of Lothar Traffic Exchange


Lords of Lothar is the newest and greatest traffic exchange on the market. Want to generate traffic to your website? Why not have fun doing it?! Fight monsters! Win Loot! Compete in jousting completions, archery contests, melee tournaments and much, much more all while you generate traffic to your websites!


Level up your character in an ever growing world of goblins, ogres and dragons. Compete against other members in dynamic contests. Find that rare loot to make your friends turn green with envy. LoL has everything!


Watch the videos below to get yourself setup in Lords of Lothar!

Step 1 – Setup Your Lords of Lothar Account



Step 2 – Create Your Character


To learn how to Create Your Character, watch the video below to learn how



Once you have learned how to create your character, click here to learn more about each character class.

Step 3 – How To Play

Learn to play Lords of Lothar

To play Lords of Lothar, you surf at the site to gain Experience, Gold/Silver/Copper(in game currency) & Marks of Lothar(in game currency) for your character while you generate traffic.  You will also find in your adventures:

  • Treasure Chests
  • Travelling Merchants
  • Blacksmith


To earn experience you kill monsters that randomly appear while surfing.  Earn enough experience to level up your character to make it stronger.  Each time you defeat a monster, you will earn loot, such as:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Equipment
  • Useable items


To also earn experience and money, you can complete quests.  These quests help you level your character faster and help make it stronger.  You can find more information about your quests in your quest log in the My Character tab.


To learn more watch the video below about the Surfing Mechanics of Lords of Lothar


Equipment enhances your character.  By finding weapons your character will deal more damage, by finding armor your character will have more defense.  Also watch what buffs each piece of equipment has.  These buffs can be beneficial to your character and also when you generate traffic.  For example, you might find a piece of equipment that will have a lowered surf timer, or a higher credit per click.


To learn more, watch the video below about the Equipment of Lords of Lothar



Be careful, if a monster defeats you, your character will be dead.  Your character can be revived so you can fight more monsters.

To learn more, watch the video about Death & Resurrection Sickness:







Status Effects

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