1. I do my best to make the best videos possible, to help me please give me as much info as you can on what you want showcased on the video by filling out the form once you purchase your sponsorship.
  2. I am a diabetic, there are times where I may have to go out for pharmacy runs or doctor’s appointments, I will post when I will need to go out ahead of time
  3. Video are uploaded to YouTube and posted here at The TE Gamer!
  4. Videos will be 15 minutes long, the longer the video the longer the upload takes at YouTube
Who Is The TE Gamer
Travis Chandler

Travis Chandler

I am 29 years old and I am a gamer.

When I surf traffic exchanges I want to have fun doing it. That is why I created The TE Gamer, to share the fun of the gaming side of traffic exchanges
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