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TE Surf Academy is a fun ranking tool in the Traffic Exchange industry.  You collect points to increase your rank!  When you are surfing in the Traffic Exchanges, which participate at TE Surf Academy, you will find a page with the logo of TEsurfAcademy.com, and with a star indicating the points that you can win.


Here are the stars you can find:


1 Point Star - TE Surf Academy
5 Point Star - TE Surf Academy
10 Point Star - TE Surf Academy


After entering your TEsurfAcademy.com username and password, the points will be added to your account.

The maximum number of stars that you can claim in every Traffic Exchange are 5 stars every day. That is, you can find 5 stars of 1 point in every TE.  You can claim another 5 stars of 5 points in every TE and another 5 stars of 10 points in every TE.

The points are accumulating in your account and you are reaching up to 12 ranges, which indicates your level of experience as a surfer.

Here is how to collect points:



  • Every time you claim the 1-point star, you earn 1 point.
  • Every time you claim the 5-point star, you earn 5 points.
  • Every time you claim the 10-point star, you earn 10 points.
  • Every day you earn 25 points with Login Ad.
  • Every time you click on banners (468×60) you earn 5 points.
  • When you find our Special Banner you earn 25 points.
  • When a new member joins, you get 50 points.
  • In BattleShip War game you can get up to 700 points every day.



These are the 12 ranges you get when you have reached the points indicated for each range:


Recruit - TE Surf Academy
1,000 Points Needed

Scout - TE Surf Academy
5,000 Points Needed

Soldier - TE Surf Academy
Points Needed

Squire - TE Surf Academy
Points Needed

Footman - TE Surf Academy
Points Needed

Knight - TE Surf Academy
Points Needed

Major - TE Surf Academy
Points Needed

Colonel - TE Surf Academy
125,000 Points Needed

General - TE Surf Academy
250,000 Points Needed

Veteran - TE Surf Academy
500,000 Points Needed

Champion - TE Surf Academy
1,000,000 Points Needed

Legend - TE Surf Academy
2,000,000 Points Needed

TE Surf Academy is also a Downline Builder for traffic exchanges.  Within the downline builder you will find all the participating Traffic Exchanges, so be sure to fill out your downline builder so you can earn referrals in the traffic exchanges when you refer to TE Surf Academy!

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